Galápagos Islands

An aura of mystery surrounds the Galápagos Islands, located off South America’s coast in the Pacific Ocean. Why are so many species of animals found only on these islands? Why do they play such a prominent role in the debate over origins?

Species and Kinds Are Not the Same

As creationists, we must frequently remind detractors that we do not deny that species vary, change, and even appear over time. The biodiversity represented in the 8.7 million or so species in the world is a testament, not to random chance processes, but to the genetic variability and potential for diversification within the created kinds.

Is Fixity of Species Biblical?

Before the time of Charles Darwin, a false idea had crept into the church—the belief in the “fixity” or “immutability” of species. According to this view, each species was created in precisely the same form that we find it today. The Bible nowhere teaches that species are fixed and unchanging.

Species, Families, and Kinds

While biologists debate what constitutes a species, the Bible alludes to a much broader category, called a “kind.” The biblical kind often includes many different species, but they still belong to the same family.

News About Speciation

Articles About Speciation


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