Nye/Ham: The Second Debate Premiere

on March 2, 2017

Watch Bill Nye and Ken Ham during their second debate at the Ark Encounter. Premieres March 13, 2017 at 8:00.

Debate Answers

During this second "debate" Bill Nye presented many statements and asked many questions. Because of the nature of the event, Ken Ham was often unable to respond directly to many of these statements.

However, the majority of Nye’s statements and questions have been addressed on our website or by other organizations who teach a young-earth creation. As the video plays, this box will feature a sampling of articles, videos, books, and other resources to help you get answers. Or you can make a selection from the drop-down menu above to get answers about a topic of your choice.

Note: several of these articles are technical in nature.

Bill challenged me about the content of many of our exhibits, and I challenged him about what he claimed and what he believed. — Ken Ham

A Second Debate With Bill Nye “the Science Guy”

In their second meeting on July 8, 2016, Ken Ham and Bill Nye walked through the Ark Encounter together, engaged in a lively discussion! Watch as they debate topics ranging from life on Mars to the animals on Noah’s Ark, and even the meaning of life.

Get a glimpse of some of the exquisite craftsmanship and informational exhibits displayed at the Ark as Ken challenges Bill Nye "the Science Guy" and his beliefs.

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