Alien Life


Is Anyone Out There?

Many have been taught that life arose on this planet spontaneously and evolved into complex organisms. If it happened here, they believe, surely it could happen elsewhere in the universe. Some believe that these space beings (aliens) hold the key to health and eternal life.

Finding Water on Mars—Key to Alien Life?

Evidence of water is almost always interpreted with enthusiasm by those who believe that a little water, the right organic compounds, and an awful lot of time are together sufficient for life to appear. The journal Astrobiology reminds scientists that the presence of water, even if it’s in liquid form, isn’t enough for life to survive.

What Does the Bible Say About Aliens?

Many Christians have bought into the idea of extraterrestrial alien life. But is this idea really biblical? The Christian should constantly examine ideas in light of Scripture.

Has an Alien Skull Been Found?

“Starchild” is the name given to a misshapen skull claimed by some to be an alien-human hybrid. However, the skull abnormalities, while not fitting any particular “named” syndrome, are all consistent with the sorts of abnormalities seen in human children with genetic problems.

Articles About Alien Life


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