Making an Ape-Man

Knowing from Scripture that God didn’t create any ape-men, there are only three ways for the evolutionist to create one: 1) Combining Men and Apes, 2) Making Man out of Apes, and 3) Making Apes out of Man.

Men and Apes Homology

Homology refers to features that are similar among different animals, especially bones or DNA. For example, you may have heard that chimp and human DNA are 95–99% similar, or that our skeletons closely resemble chimp skeletons. Some people attempt to explain these similarities with evolutionary ideas.

Did Apes Become Humans?

Many may believe that there is a wide array of fossil evidence that clearly shows how apes have become humans. You have probably seen the famous depiction of a monkey progressively turning into an upright human figure. But what evidence is there for this popular picture?

Ape or Human Fossils?

In an effort to fill the gap between apes and men, certain fossil men have been declared to be “ape-like” and, thus, ancestral to, at least, “modern” man. The best known human fossils are of Cro-Magnon man and Neandertal man. Both are true men.

Articles About Ape-Man


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