Man Basically Good?

The question of whether man is inherently “good” or “evil” has inspired many poets and philosophers to produce a plethora of theater plays, poems, and tales. Human nature is by no means described by the Bible as good.

Good Without God?

Atheists tell us that we should be good for goodness sake, that people can be good without God. But they don’t tell us how they know or how they measure what is “good.”

Evolution and Morality

Many evolutionists are quite clear that evolution does not provide a basis for morality. If evolution is true, then there can be no universal moral code that all people should adhere to.

God’s Unchanging Standard of Morality

God’s moral standard flows from His unchanging nature. Because God’s nature is perfect and holy, He cannot sin, so His standard is objective. It is impossible for God to contradict Himself or act inconsistently with His own nature.

Articles About Morality


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