DNA Similarities

Similarity in DNA Sequences

Evolutionists frequently assert that the similarity in DNA sequences provides evidence that all organisms (especially humans and chimps) are descended from a common ancestor. However, DNA similarity could just as easily be explained as the result of a common Creator.

Assumptions in Similarities in DNA

When DNA sequences are compared more objectively without pre-selecting sequences and filtering the data, the chimp and human genomes are only about 70% similar. Evolutionists assume chimps and humans share an evolutionary ancestry and interpret all data according to that assumption.

Adam and Eve and the Human Genome

Based on the biblical blueprint that we are all descendants of one man and one woman—Adam and Eve—it would seem reasonable to conclude that the genetic information in all humans today ultimately came from Adam and Eve. The problem is that, due to the Fall, our bodies don’t always do a perfect job replicating our genetic information.

Articles About DNA Similarities


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