“Junk” DNA


Evolutionary Worldview Inhibited Study of Junk DNA

For many years the notion that non-coding DNA was not functional (“junk”) actually inhibited science. Many scientists didn’t spend their time studying it because of their evolutionary presuppositions that it was worthless DNA.

No “Junk” DNA

In contrast to the secularist view that expected “junk” to clutter the genome after eons of time, creationists had predicted that the all-wise Creator had designed amazing, functional complexity into DNA.

Interbreeding Not Possible Because of “Junk” DNA

“Junk” DNA can be responsible for rendering two otherwise closely related species unable to interbreed. Exactly why the created kinds have fractured into many incompatible species has only been answered indirectly by creationists, who point to the speciating effects of genetics and geography.

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