Life on Mars

Did Life Begin on Mars?

Proposing chemical reactions on Mars that could have produced chemicals like those found in living things does not fill in the fundamental flaws in the evolutionary just-so story of life’s origins. Transferring the insurmountable problems in the earthly evolutionary scenario to Mars does not solve the problems of abiogenesis.

Will They Find Life on Mars?

Many assume that finding life on Mars would lend support or even proof to the idea of molecules-to-man evolution. But that is not the case. If life or conclusive evidence of extinct life is ever found on Mars, the existence of life there would no more prove that evolution happened than the existence of life on earth does.

Curiosity, the Mars Rover

To search for life, Curiosity is equipped to detect and analyze the chemicals in Martian soil. Life requires a minimal amount of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorous, and sulfur; so researchers hope that Curiosity’s lab results will reveal the presence of those minimum quantities.

Articles About Life on Mars


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