Ice Age

The Ice Age was a period of several hundred years that began within a short time following the global Flood of Noah’s Day. During this time, global temperatures cooled and glaciers covered one-third of Earth’s surface. The Flood’s after-effects, such as warmer oceans and cooler air temperatures, created the necessary conditions.

When Was The Ice Age?

The Bible gives us the big picture of human history—as well as some critical details—which helps us narrow down when the ice built up and then melted away. After two centuries of research, we now have enough information to begin recreating scenes from the rise and fall of the Ice Age.

What Started the Ice Age?

Two particular aspects of the Flood were instrumental in causing the Ice Age: (1) extensive volcanic activity during and after the Flood, and (2) the warm oceans following the Flood. We know the extent of the Ice Age because the glaciers left features on the landscape similar to features we observe around glaciers today.

Woolly Mammoth Mystery

Woolly mammoths probably died after the Flood because there are thousands of carcasses scattered across Alaska and Siberia resting above Flood deposits. There must have been sufficient time for the mammoths to have repopulated these regions after the Flood. The post-Flood Ice Age provides an explanation for the mystery of the woolly mammoths.

Gene Study Suggests Native Americans Came from Siberia

As people groups spread out across Asia and into Africa and Europe, a population traversed a landbridge connecting Siberia to North America (a landbridge since submerged in the Bering Strait). From there, the group populated the continent and diversified both genetically and culturally.

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