What Does God Want from Me?

Christ Is First

Preeminence simply means that Christ, as the head of the church, should be held in the highest esteem in each of our lives. As we think about His exalted status, there ought to well up within us an appreciation for His supreme position in the universe. He is the preeminent One.

Making Right Decisions

Life is full of decisions—big and small—every day. How can we be sure we’re making the right decision? The answer is simpler than you might think.

Dealing with Monsters

The entertainment industry has a horror genre dedicated to scaring young and old while children dress up as zombies, vampires, werewolves, and other kinds of creatures. As many people focus on monsters and fear, perhaps you can teach others about the fear of the Lord and what He has done in your life.


Teens today are pressured to conform to social norms, fit into certain groups, and lose their Christian testimony. One specific battle is the holiness—the sanctity—of their purity. Your purity is valuable to God. How valuable is your purity to you?

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