Cavemen are viewed as primitive brutes in an evolutionary worldview. But, in a biblical view, they were humans, descended from Adam and Eve. These people lived in the harsh post-Flood world of the Ice Age. They used caves for shelter and made simple, but effective, tools as they travelled and hunted game.

Who Were the Cavemen?

The term caveman is often used as a catchall for peoples who lived in an earlier era in human history—the Ice Age. We’ll focus on five of these groups: Neanderthals, early Homo sapiens (Cro-Magnon man), Homo erectus, Denisovans, and Homo floresiensis.

When Did the Cavemen Live?

The two hundred years or so after Babel (over 300 years after the Flood) was a chaotic transition in world history. The Bible gives us only a brief glimpse into that time and place, but the fossils hint at a grim tale.

Making a Caveman

Artists have displayed their interpretation of hominids and so-called ape men for many years. Whether intentional or not, the final look of the model or drawing is shaped by the biases of the artist and the scientists. In other words, people’s starting points influence their view of the evidence.

Stone Age Brutes or Intelligent People

Scientists sometimes seem surprised to find more evidence that Neanderthals and other historic humans were highly intelligent. Even these “ancient” humans were crafty and knowledgeable.

News About Cavemen

Articles About Cavemen


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