Rejecting Big Bang as Fact

on July 31, 2010

PhysOrg: “Model Describes Universe with No Big Bang, No Beginning, and No EndIs the big bang a scientific “fact” rejected only by young-earth creationists? A new physics paper shows otherwise.

Although the big bang model of cosmology is widely treated as fact, a new paper by National Tsing Hua University physicist Wun-Yi Shu defends a set of cosmological models that lack a big bang—and that, according to Shu, better fit some of the astronomic data.

His model fits the data better than the big bang model.

In Shu’s models, physics properties such as time and space, along with mass and length, can be converted into one another. Thus, his models allow the expansion of the universe to represent time converted into space and mass converted into length. According to Shu, “Essentially, this work is . . . a novel theory about how the geometry of spacetime and the distribution of mass-energy interact. The theory resolves problems in cosmology, such as those of the big bang, dark energy, and flatness, in one fell stroke.”

As MIT’s Technology Review notes, “It’s easy to dismiss this idea as just another amusing and unrealistic model dreamed up by those whacky comsologists. That is until you look at the predictions it makes.” Specifically, Shu tested one of his models on supernova data, finding his model fits the data better than the big bang model.

Scientists who accept young-earth creation have proposed and explored several cosmological models that are compatible with known laws of physics and astronomical data while upholding a recent creation. Of course, unlike Shu’s model (about which Technology Review writes, “Let’s hope [he] sticks to his guns, if only for the sake of good old-fashioned debate”), creationist models of cosmology are generally rejected out-of-hand by old-age scientists.

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