Two Big Bangs?

by Ken Ham on December 11, 2023
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How did the universe begin? The average evolutionist will immediately reply with “a big bang.” But that story might be changing (no surprise—evolutionary ideas change frequently, as we’ve documented time and time again!). A new hypothesis suggests the universe began not with a big bang—but with two big bangs, “one for ordinary matter and another delayed one for dark matter, originating from a separate form of energy.”

This new hypothesis is an attempt to answer “two cosmological mysteries”:

The first is understanding in detail how the Universe came into existence. The second is the nature of dark matter, a substance which is thought to be far more prevalent than all the stars and galaxies in the Universe.

Now, no one has observed this “dark matter”; rather, its existence is inferred based on some unusual phenomena in the heavens (you can read more about dark matter from a creation worldview in this article by astronomer Dr. Danny Faulkner). But how was this hypothetical matter created? Well, perhaps, according to these scientists, by a second big bang creating vacuum dark energy “which became the origin of dark matter.”

Reading through the popular science summary of this new hypothesis feels like reading through an explanation of the science fiction behind some new superhero movie! It reads exactly like fiction—one big bang produced energy which eventually, somehow, formed all the matter in the universe, and then maybe a month or so later, a second big bang created a different form of energy that formed a different kind of matter. It sounds like fiction because it is!

When I saw the headline reporting on this new paper, my first thought was that Christians who compromise God’s Word with the big bang will now have to modify the Bible again to fit a second big bang in somewhere! After all, the Bible doesn’t teach one big bang, let alone two!

God gave us a detailed description of exactly how God created—by the power of his Word.

Now, I have some Christians tell me, “The Bible does teach a big bang—God said, ‘Let there be . . .’ and bang, there was!” But the Bible doesn’t just say, “In the beginning, God created,” and then leave it up to our investigations and imaginations to fill in all the details. Rather, God gave us a detailed description of exactly how God created—by the power of his Word. God spoke, and it was . . . and everything appeared in the order God commanded it to. This is important because the big bang and the Bible contradict each other when it comes to the order of events:

Big Bang Bible
The universe began with energy. The universe began with time, energy, and matter (a water-covered earth).
Stars formed, and eventually those stars exploded to form other types of stars and galaxies. Earth was created first, and three days later, all the stars and other heavenly bodies appeared at once.
Earth formed as a hot molten blob. Earth was created covered in water.
The evolution of the universe took place slowly over billions of years. Creation happened in just six 24-hour days (Exodus 20:11 confirms this).
The universe began and progressed naturalistically (so this model is founded in a belief in naturalism, which is really atheism). The universe is a supernatural creation from nothing by the power of God (founded in a belief in an eternal, all-powerful Creator).

And those are just some of the differences between the big bang’s story of origins and the Bible’s account of history!

Christians can’t consistently add one big bang into the Bible, let alone two. Instead of trusting the ever-changing ideas of people who weren’t there, don’t know everything, and frequently make mistakes, let’s start with the eyewitness account of history from the One who was there, who knows everything, and who never makes a mistake.

Let’s start with God’s Word . . . from the very first verse!

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This item was discussed today on Answers News with cohosts Avery Foley, Roger Patterson, and Dr. Tim Chaffey. Answers News is our weekly news program filmed live before a studio audience here at the Creation Museum, broadcast on our Answers in Genesis YouTube channel, and posted to Answers TV. We also covered the following topics:

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