Eternal God or Eternal Matter?

by Ken Ham on August 10, 2023
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When it comes to what you believe about the past, you have two primary options—either you believe in the eternal God who created all things, or you believe in eternal matter or energy. And for those who try to blend the two by saying God used the big bang to create, well, you have (another) big problem! According to some big bang cosmologists, something (background radiation) existed even before the big bang. In other words, “the Universe was never truly empty.” So which is it—an eternal God or eternal radiation?

The article states,

If you could somehow eliminate it all—all the matter, all the radiation, every single quanta of energy—what would be left?

In a sense, you’d just have empty space itself: still expanding, still with the laws of physics intact, and still with the inability to escape the quantum fields that permeate the Universe. This is the closest you can get, physically, to a true state of “nothingness,” and yet it still has physical rules it must obey. To a physicist in this Universe, removing anything else will create an unphysical state that no longer describes the cosmos we inhabit.

And the article, after explaining all the physics behind this idea, ends with:

No matter how clearly in your mind you’re capable of envisioning an empty Universe with nothing in it, that picture simply does not conform to reality. Insisting that the laws of physics remain valid is enough to do away with the idea of a truly empty Universe. So long as energy exists within it—even the zero-point energy of the quantum vacuum is sufficient—there will always be some form of radiation that can never be removed. The Universe has never been completely empty, and so long as dark energy doesn’t decay entirely away, it never will be, either.

Either there’s an eternal God who created, as he said he did in his Word, or you’re left with eternal radiation stretching back into the eons before our universe came to be.

Yes, the big bang (which is based on the atheistic religion of naturalism) is an attempt to explain life and the universe apart from God. Really, it’s a story of eternity past and eternity future—all without God. And those Christians who compromise God’s Word with man’s ideas are borrowing from this pagan religion and trying to add God in. But it doesn’t work! Either there’s an eternal God who created, as he said he did in his Word, or you’re left with eternal radiation stretching back into the eons before our universe came to be.

I thought it was interesting that this article made reference to the laws of physics/nature many times, applying those laws back in time and into the future. But in a naturalistic worldview where everything is material, why should immaterial laws of nature exist? And if everything evolved, then how can we trust that the laws of nature behaved the same in the past as they do today and that they will work the same next year as they do today? We can’t know that—it’s a big assumption!

The unchanging laws of physics/nature that form the basis for the big bang article are only possible because they are borrowing from a biblical worldview! You see, immaterial laws only make sense in the biblical worldview, which says there is a logical, orderly God behind the universe so we expect the universe so be structed in a logical, orderly way. And the laws of nature reflect that! God brought those laws into existence.

Yes, it’s the biblical worldview that explains what we see around us, not the big bang or evolution.

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