on July 1, 2006; last featured November 27, 2006
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As the press extensively reported last spring, evidence for inflation in the universe has been found, supposedly providing a firmer foundation for the big bang theory. What did scientists really find?

Space Probe

Photo courtesy of NASA/WMAP Science Team

First, the evidence is very indirect, to the point of being premature. Second, whatever the NASA space probe (Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe) would have found, proponents of the big bang would have claimed that it supports their belief. (The findings, by the way, are fully consistent with biblical creation.)

The idea of the big bang directly contradicts the Bible. The Scriptures say that the earth was created first and then the sun (on Day 4 of creation—Genesis 1:16). This truth will be powerfully taught in AiG’s new planetarium, which opens next spring near Cincinnati, Ohio.

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