Animal Intelligence

Animal Intelligence Still Doesn’t Make Them Human

While many animals are endowed with remarkable and interesting abilities, human beings possess not only the ability to express and understand original abstract thoughts through language, but also the ability to know their Creator. Evolutionary thinking pretends we humans are just animals and not accountable to God.

Does Your Dog Think Like You?

Brain imaging suggests dogs and humans are wired to respond to sounds the same way. Evolutionary researchers are surprised to find neurological similarities between humans and dogs but not between humans and apes.

How Did the Octopus Get So Smart?

The octopus is a very intelligent invertebrate. Evolutionists assert intelligent apes are our near relations, but how do they explain octopus intelligence? God endowed them from the beginning with intelligence to live in the world He created and even to cope with the world He cursed because of man’s sin.

Crow Smarter Than Apes and Dolphins

The crow displays remarkable intelligence. If there were an animal version of the popular trivia program Jeopardy!, it might pit a chimpanzee against a dolphin against a crow. The surprising thing is, the crow might win!

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