Living Like Animals


Originally published in Creation 20, no 2 (March 1998): 6.

‘… the average young Australian, who believes what he is taught, believes the evolutionary dogma that he is only an animal who arrived by chance, lives by his wits, survives to breed and will die … without hope of personal immortality. Of course many intelligent young people examine the evidence and reject the theory of godless evolution, but the majority of ordinary folk … accept this theory and live like animals. Many come to see the utter futility and stupidity of struggling to survive, so after they have tasted sex and every other thrill of a purely animal existence, they decide to opt out of life into the oblivion of drugs or suicide. Others go on living like animals. They satisfy every animal desire that wells up within them. If they want sex they have it immediately. If they feel aggressive they show it. The crunch comes if they rape, harm or kill. They then fall foul of the law, and are jailed and punished for being the animals they were taught to be.’

J.G.L. Wedge, B.A., B.D., What do you think of the Bible?, Lindstrom Wedge, Chatswood (New South Wales), 1991, p. 2.


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