Jesus Believed Every Event of the Old Testament

The debate about the Bible’s accuracy is not a secondary, theoretical concern. The integrity of Jesus Christ Himself is at stake. He accepted the Old Testament’s historical accounts as real, and He built His teachings on those facts of history. Here is a list of Christ’s references to various Old Testament events. Interestingly, these are the very events that skeptics have often considered myth:

  • God’s recent Creation (Mark 10:6–9)
  • Adam and Eve (Matthew 19:4–5)
  • Cain’s murder of Abel (Matthew 23:35; Luke 11:51)
  • Noah’s Ark (Luke 17:26)
  • God’s judgment on the world by a global Flood (Matthew 24:37–39)
  • Abraham (John 8:56–58)
  • Lot (Luke 17:28)
  • Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah by fire (Luke 17:29)
  • Lot’s wife turned to salt (Luke 17:32)
  • Abraham, Isaac and Jacob—not only historical people but still living in Jesus’ day (Matthew 22:32; see John 4:12)
  • God spoke to Moses in a burning bush (Mark 12:26)
  • God fed Israel with manna in the wilderness (John 6:32)
  • Moses’ authorship of Genesis (Luke 24:27; John 5:46–47)
  • Moses’ brass serpent healed Hebrew believers of snake bites (John 3:14)
  • David’s great deeds (Matthew 12:3; Mark 2:25; Luke 6:3)
  • David’s authorship of psalms (Matthew 22:42–45; Mark 12:35–37; Luke 20:42–44)
  • King Solomon’s glorious rule (Matthew 12:42)
  • Elijah’s and Elisha’s unique miracles (Luke 4:25–27)
  • God delivered Jonah from a great fish (Matthew 12:39–40)
  • Isaiah’s authorship of the prophetic book bearing his name (Matthew 13:14 citing Isaiah 6:9–10 and John 12:38 citing Isaiah 53:1)
  • Daniel’s authorship of the prophetic book bearing his name (Matthew 24:15)


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