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If you actively share your faith, it won’t take long before you’re asked, “How do you know the Bible is true?”

That’s a fair question and deserves a thoughtful reply. Do you know your Bible well enough to give a satisfying response? The April–June issue of Answers magazine has the answer.

Special Section: Can We Prove that the Bible is True?

Bible First

The good news is that God’s Word provides a simple but profound answer—an “ultimate proof,” if you will—that nobody can deny (logically, anyway). And supporting this truth is a wealth of astounding evidences; we’ve provided seven of the most compelling and easy-to-learn ones.

Want a glimpse at the seven evidences?

  1. God’s Character
  2. Divine Authorship
  3. Unity of the Bible
  4. Fulfilled Prophecy
  5. Scientific Accuracy
  6. Archaeological Finds
  7. Life-Changing Power

Radical Evangelism

Trusting the Bible is part of the equation—but telling others what the Bible reveals about sin and salvation is extremely important as well! However, sharing the gospel can be tough these days. No matter what new witnessing method comes along, none seems to work like they once did. Ken Ham, founder of Answers in Genesis, offers a radical proposal that appears to have been overlooked.

Fire-Chasing Beetles

The world around us also points to our amazing Creator—and how we can learn from His designs. Take, for example, beetles that run toward a forest fire. The Melanophila beetle is one of many creatures that actually hunt for fires. In fact, its heat-sensing skills may offer insights into developing better weapons technology. Why do these odd beetles chase fire? You’ll have to read to find out.

Hot-Blooded Sharks


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It’s not easy being a great white shark—how can such a massive body ever hope to sustain high speeds in such cold water? A simple yet brilliant design allows high blood temperatures to keep the shark’s muscles ready for action. Dive in with these great hunters of the deep. You can check this out already online.

A Bug’s Worst Nightmare

Speaking of hunters, one that might not seem so ferocious to you puts quite the scare into bugs. With his impressive arsenal of specialized hunting equipment, the chameleon is truly a master of disaster. Find out what makes these bizarre animals so effective at snapping up their grub.

Getting Close to Gross

Getting Close to Gross

Illustration by Paul Agner

If the chameleon teaches us something, it’s that we can’t really judge something by how it looks. In fact, some pretty great stuff that doesn’t seem so great is as close as the nose on your face—literally. If you want to keep thinking of earwax, mucus, eye gunk, and sweat as gross, this may not be the article for you. But if you get close to gross (hypothetically at least), you’ll find that God definitely knew what He was doing. This was also a recent sneak peek.

Plant Tropism—Creepy Crawly Plants

Imagine a plant that’s sensitive to its surroundings and responds accordingly. Sound like science fiction? It’s not! In fact, the plant’s ability to monitor its surroundings— and change its growth patterns in response—is essential to its health and success. In this engaging article, you’ll even find a hands-on way to see how plants adjust to their surroundings.

Programmed Cell Death—Death by Design


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Our bodies show other evidence of God’s hand—right down to the cellular level. Many cells must purposefully sacrifice themselves for the good of the whole body, a marvelous testimony to the Creator’s careful design. For example, some serve as scaffolds, supporting the emergence of more permanent and specialized cells. But in the wake of each new organ is a fast-disappearing trail of cells—cells that must “die” by design. It’s not survival of the fittest; it’s the forethought of the Creator!

Carbon-14 Dating—A Creationist Puzzle

Even though we know the Bible presents the true history of the universe, that doesn’t mean all mysteries have been solved. In particular, Dr. Andrew Snelling concludes his three-part series by examining the impact of past events on carbon dating. Can creationists explain ages that seem to contradict the Bible? What impact did the Flood have?

News, Personal Growth, and More

Kids Answers

As with every issue of Answers, this one comes loaded with “extras.” Dig into science news, tips for parents on teaching that the Bible is true, insight for teens, Bible study, the buzz on bees, and more. Your kids will discover the science of “yuckology” in our special 8-page Kids Answers. They’ll crack open the beauty of scabs, peel back the reason for blisters, and squeeze out the need for sweat. A special pullout chart caps the issue with five concrete evidences of a worldwide Flood. And as this issue’s extra-special bonus for subscribers, the magazine experience extends beyond the printed pages to exclusive online content, including a special apologetics toolkit and a selection of audio articles.

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