The Danger of Komodo Dragons


Rare and rarely seen outside of zoos, the Komodo dragon is the world’s largest lizard. But recently a group of stranded Britons had an encounter with a Komodo dragon that was reminiscent of a dinosaur-era battle.

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British divers stranded on a remote Indonesian island were forced to defend themselves when a “man-eating” Komodo dragon appeared on their beach looking for an easy meal. The divers had already spent half a day in shark-infested waters and were dehydrated and exhausted.

The divers hurled rocks at the Komodo dragon, which eventually retreated.

To protect themselves, the divers hurled rocks at the Komodo dragon, which eventually retreated. The castaways were eventually rescued.

This rare encounter, along with others in which humans have been attacked, killed, and even eaten by Komodo dragons, give us a glimpse of what life was like during the age of “dinosaurs”—though we’ll note that if the Komodo dragon were extinct today, it would probably be considered a long-lost dinosaur that died off millions of years before humans.

Skeptics often scoff at how dinosaurs and man could have coexisted, but the same tactics humans use against large beasts today (big cats, for example), would have been effective against dinosaurs: avoidance, defense in groups, use of simple weapons, and even trapping. In fact, it was likely human self-defense and possibly outright human predation that contributed mainly to the demise of the dinosaurs.

Why is it that evolutionary scientists absolutely reject the dinosaur–human connection—even as we live among reptiles that would probably have been classified as “dinosaurs” or “dinosaur-era,” and despite the abundant evidence of dinosaurs in human history (e.g., artwork that just “happens” to look like dinosaurs and tales of dragons that just “happen” to be near facsimiles of fossilized dinosaurs later discovered). The answer, of course, is the ironclad faith evolutionists have in their interpretation of the fossil record as representing millions of years of distinct periods and eras.

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