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Black Mamba

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The venom of the black mamba could prove to be a very beneficial painkiller without any of the negative side effects of morphine and other narcotics.

Besides being the fastest land snake (it can slither at an astounding 10–12 mph [16–19 km/h]), the black mamba also has one of the fastest-acting snake venoms of any land snake in the world. But French researchers have discovered something even more surprising about this creature. Mamba venom contains nontoxic chemicals that could make very powerful painkillers. Since these compounds lack the negative side effects of morphine and other narcotics, the researchers are hoping their discovery will help them develop potent new analgesic medications.*

Biblical creationists recognize that God created a nonviolent world without animal or human death. Many think that, knowing the future, God designed snakes from the start with the genetic information they would need to adapt to a cursed world. How amazing to think that God’s design for the snake to adapt in a cursed world would not only provide for the black mamba, but also potentially relieve pain for human beings.




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