Created Kinds (Baraminology)


Classification of Species “According to Their Kind”

Genesis 1 repeats ten times that God created creatures separately according to various “kinds.” Today’s species show the potential variation that God designed within the original kinds, but this variety remains limited—cats are still cats, and dogs are dogs.

What We Really Know about Classifying Life

The current system of classification is based on the pioneering work of the creation scientist Carolus Linnaeus. He eventually taught that new organisms that arose were all derived from the primae speciei (original kinds) and were a part of God’s original plan because He placed the potential for variation in the original creation. Modern biblical creationists still use the concept.

Baraminology—A Scientific Taxonomy Based on Created Kinds

The desire to classify modern creatures—based on the original created kinds—has spawned a new field of biology known as baraminology. Is there any way for a scientist to identify the original kinds that Adam named?

What About Dog Speciation?

The whole range of canids, from domesticated dogs to wolves to jackals and beyond, constitutes the diversified members of the original “dog” kind.

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