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Design Arguments Without Scripture?

The strategy of using design arguments which are divorced from Scripture was tried once before, in the early 19th century, and it failed to convert people or to overcome the growing skepticism in the once-Christian cultures of Britain and America. In our evangelism we need to present design arguments and the Scriptures at the same time.

Scientific Evidence for a Young Earth

Science is both a fabulous body of knowledge and a fantastic method of investigation. However, scientific discoveries are subject to interpretation. Evolutionary interpretation of numerous datasets point to an earth that is millions or even billions of years old. Is this true? Has the universe truly existed for millions or even billions of years? Or is the earth young as the Bible claims?

Design in the Human Body

It is difficult to understand how anyone can believe that the nervous system, particularly the brain, could have been produced by evolutionary randomness and selection. Its complexity, which far surpasses anything produced by man, is nothing short of a miracle.

Design in Human Embryonic Development

Another marvelous reflection of creation is the astonishing process of embryonic development, including the way a human being develops in his or her mother’s womb. Evolutionists say that the so-called “gill slits, yolk sac, and tail” are useless evolutionary leftovers (vestiges) that virtually “prove” we evolved from fish, reptiles, and apes. How does a creationist respond? Does this represent the stages of evolution, or is there another explanation?

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