The Dingo—It’s Not a Dog, But It’s a “Dog”

by Ken Ham on March 11, 2019
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A recent study has confirmed what was first proposed in 1793—that the dingo, a wild Australian canine, is a species in its own right, not simply a breed of wild dog. The dingoes’ characteristics differentiate them from domestic and feral dogs, as well as other wild canids (i.e., wolves). The research confirms that “a dingo is a dingo, and not a dog.” So, what do I mean “it’s not a dog, but it’s a dog” in my blog’s title?

Well, the dingo is its own species, Canis dingo, so it’s not a dog in the sense of what we typically think of as dogs (our domesticated breeds). But it is a dog in the sense that it’s part of the canid, or dog, kind (Family: Canidae). We know this because dingoes can reproduce with domesticated and feral dogs. This means they belong to the same created kind.

God built tremendous genetic diversity into the DNA of every kind that he made.

You see, God created organisms to reproduce according to their kinds. Cats produce cats, dogs produce dogs, and elephants produce elephants. But God built tremendous genetic diversity into the DNA of every kind that he made. This allows them to spread out and fill the earth, adapting to different ecological niches. That’s why we can have wolves that thrive in the cold arctic, coyotes that scavenge at the local city dump, and dingoes that hunt on the grasslands and deserts of Australia. They’re all dogs, but different species because of adaptation and speciation. Now, this is not evolution. It’s the opposite of molecules-to-man evolution, which requires new genetic information for characteristics, previously not possible, that are added to the genome.

You can learn more about created kinds in this chapter by Bodie Hodge and Dr. Georgia Purdom from The New Answers Book 3: “What are the ‘Kinds’ in Genesis?” You can also check out their chapter, “Is a Species the Same Thing as a Biblical Kind?” in our brand-new book, Glass House: Shattering the Myth of Evolution, available in our online store.

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  • Have scientists actually witnessed a single-celled alga evolving into a multi-cellular organism?
  • Did a US Senator really advocate for legalized prostitution?
  • Do right-handed and left-handed snails display evolution?
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