Intelligent Design

Background On Intelligent Design Movement

The “Intelligent Design” movement is led by scholars who argue that the design of living systems—and even the nonliving elements of the universe—suggest a Designer. While these “intelligent design” proponents have been effective in challenging evolutionary theory, we’re not sure how effective the movement will be in the long run in changing many people’s hearts.

Intelligent Design Lacks Something

The Intelligent Design fails to reference the God of the Bible and the Curse’s impact on a once-perfect world. The design of living things is compelling evidence of a Designer, but only the full biblical worldview explains the imperfections in this otherwise well-crafted universe.

Intelligent Design Movement Commentary

The Intelligent Design Movement (IDM) is an informal collaboration dedicated to exposing the problems with naturalistic evolution. As a movement, IDM challenges Darwinian evolution in schools, textbooks, and politics. There are some positive things about IDM but also some things that a Christian should consider carefully.

Is Irreducible Complexity Still A Valid Argument?

Is one of the main examples of intelligent design bogus—or is this another “just so” story from evolutionists? Molecular machines are considered to be irreducibly complex. An irreducibly complex machine is made of a number of essential parts, and all these parts must be present for it to function properly. If even one of these parts is missing the machine is non-functional.

News About Intelligent Design

Articles About Intelligent Design


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