Did God Use Evolution?

Did God Use Evolution?

According to the view of theistic evolution, God started the process of evolution and guided and steered it over millions of years. As an information scientist, Werner Gitt critically analyzes and rejects the assumptions and consequences of the doctrine of theistic evolution.



The original manuscript was scrutinized by Professor Dr. Horst W. Beck, Dr. Reinhard Junker, and Dr. Jan Kaminski. I am very grateful for all their suggestions and additions.

I am grateful to Professor Jaap Kies, who was able to devote his valuable time to the translation of this book. A special note of appreciation is due to Marianne Rothe, who edited the translation.

Dr. Werner Gitt

The author, Dr. Werner Gitt was born in Raineck/East Prussia in 1937. In 1963, he enrolled at the Technical University of Hanover, and in 1968 he completed his studies as Diplom Ingenieur. Thereafter, he worked as an assistant at the Institute of Control Engineering at the Technical University of Aachen. Following two years of research work, he received his doctorate summa cum laude, together with the prestigious Borchers Medal, from the Technical University of Aachen, Germany, in 1970. He is now director and professor at the German Federal Institute of Physics. He has written numerous scientific papers in the field of information science, numerical mathematics, and control engineering, as well as several popular books, some of which have been translated into Bulgarian, Czech, English, Finnish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Croatian, Kirghizian, Polish, Rumanian, and Russian. Since 1984, he has been a regular guest lecturer at the State Independent Theological University of Basle, Switzerland, on the subject of “The Bible and Science.” He has held lectures on related topics at numerous universities at home and abroad, as well as having spoken on the topic “Faith and Science” in a number of different countries (e.g., Austria, Belgium, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, Lithuania, Namibia, Norway, Rumania, Russia, South Africa, Sweden, and Switzerland).


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