“Creationism” (Biblical Creation)

'Creationism': an Origin Myth?

Is there any merit to the idea that Genesis was written as myth, like Ancient Near Eastern myths? While some details are similar, they are told in a style that highlights the contrast between pagan myths and historical reality.

A Historical Genesis

We understand the difference between historical and observational science and between fallible man and infallible God. The observable principles and facts of science do not contradict biblical Christianity. We maintain that Genesis 1–11 is history, not fictitious “storytelling” by ignorant, primitive people. We choose to trust the Word of the God who knows.

Arguments of 'Creationism' We Should Not Use

Why would we advise against using some arguments that appear to support creation? Simply put, some arguments are wrong, even if what they are arguing for is ultimately right. We would do a disservice to our witness for Christ by knowingly using bad argumentation.

'Creationism' - Can You Teach It?

Darwinists promote the myth that the U.S. Supreme Court has banned teaching 'creationism' or biblical creation. Yet the National Center for Science Education, the leading advocate of teaching evolution in government schools, admits that the courts have established only five basic standards.

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