Life’s Support System

The Creator filled the earth with all the chemicals that living things could ever need. But special “go-betweens” were necessary to move these treasures from their safe hiding places and convert them into forms we can use. That’s where bacteria come in.

The Origin of Microorganisms

Evolutionists must explain how cells, once they emerged from lifeless matter, diversified into the many life forms we see today. It is supposed that some extinct ancestor of the archaebacteria and eubacteria developed the necessary biologic machinery to survive.

Microorganism Helps Develop Site-specific Drug Delivery

Who knew that a well-known parasite might lead to the next major breakthrough in medical treatment? Scientists are leading the way to understand how microscopic creatures (primarily Giardia lamblia) move through the bloodstream. The goal? Construct micro-robots that can navigate the dangerous twists and turns of the bloodstream.

Indestructible Microscopic Wonder

Scientists discovered that water bears can survive pressure up to six times the deepest ocean trench’s pressure. When subjected to the complete vacuum of space and direct radiation from the sun, they lived. Water bears can even survive for almost ten years totally dehydrated. To resurrect them, all you have to do is add water.

Articles About Microbiology


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