Did Plants Die Before the Fall?

We commonly use the word die to describe when plants, animals, or humans no longer function biologically. However, this is not the definition of the word die or death in the Old Testament. The Hebrew word for die is used only in relation to the death of man or animals with the breath of life, not regarding plants.

Carnivorous Plants

More than 600 species of plants are known to be carnivorous. Today’s carnivorous plants show just how topsy-turvy the world has become. After Adam’s rebellion, God cursed the earth so that it would bring forth “thorns and thistles”. Plants once meant for good can now cause harm.

Evolution of Flowers

Darwin considered the floral biodiversity in the fossil record to be an “abominable mystery” as he could not understand how such variety could appear all at once through evolutionary processes. Evolutionists since Darwin’s time have puzzled over how so many sorts of flowers could evolve so quickly.

Photosynthesis—A Manufacturing Process Like None Other

The ability of plants to produce food from the sun (photosynthesis) is one of the most important and complex biological processes known to scientists. By God’s design, we have more than just spinach to eat. No, The Creator filled the earth with an unimaginable variety and abundance of foods.

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