Neanderthals were a group of humans, descended from Adam and Eve, who lived in the harsh post-Flood world. Archaeology confirms they made instruments, make-up, jewelry, weapons, and ritually buried their dead. Many humans today share DNA with Neanderthals. This fully human lineage died out sometime after the Flood.

Neanderthal DNA

A new genetic study, published in the journal Science, compared the Neanderthal genome to the genes of five humans alive today. The comparison revealed that in some individuals, up to 4% of the total genome was of Neanderthal origin.

Makeup for Neanderthals

Archaeologists uncovered shells containing yellow and red pigment residues at Neanderthal dig sites in southern Spain. Coupled with similar evidence found in Africa, the pigments paint a picture of Neanderthals far more sophisticated than their stereotype.

Neanderthal tools

Contrary to their reputation as some sort of sub-human brute, Neanderthals displayed a great deal of technological skill in the manufacture of their tools. Neanderthals were not only fully human but evidently were very skilled people coping with the harsh world of the post-Flood Ice Age.

Neanderthals Fully Human

The Neandertals are not mysterious, but rather incredibly intriguing. We view them as the fully human ancestors of some modern humans, probably some Europeans and western Asians. They were a post-Flood, Ice Age people, specializing in hunting the large, grazing animals that were abundant towards the end of the Ice Age.

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