The First European?


The Telegraph: “Scientists Reveal Face of the First European” The mock-up represents the “earliest known modern European,” supposedly 35,000 years old—yet he looks just like what creationists would suggest.

Built for the BBC television program The Incredible Human Journey, the head is based on a partial skull and jawbone discovered in Romania. The Telegraph reports:

The head is based on a partial skull and jawbone discovered in Romania.

The skull appears very like humans today, but it also displays more archaic traits, such as very large molar teeth, which led some scientists to speculate the skull may belong to a hybrid between Homo sapiens and Neanderthals—an idea discounted by other experts.

The Mail also notes that the face has “a larger cranium [and] is more robust” than modern humans, while program presenter Alice Roberts adds that the skull “doesn’t look European or Asian or African. It looks like a mixture of all of them.”

While we’re often wary of artists’ impressions (which can suggest evolutionary interpretations more easily than actual bones), every element of this recreation supports the biblical worldview head-on. First, the skull mixes Neanderthal and other human elements (in line with what we’ve long said—that Neanderthals were just a larger-skulled variant of modern humans). Second, the sculpture suggests ethnical ambiguity, more likely in the days shortly after Babel before millennia of natural selection had reduced the genetic information in each human group. The sculptor even chose a mid-brown skin shade to match. Perhaps this is the face of one of Japheth’s great-grandchildren!

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