Chinese Paleontologists Discover New Feathered Dinosaur


Chinese paleontologists have discovered another “feathered dinosaur.” So how should we interpret it: a “feathered” dinosaur or a feathered “dinosaur”?

Described as “bizarre,” the fossil—dubbed Epidexipteryx—sounds more like an extinct bird to us than any sort of dinosaur. (See photographs [1|2] on Nature’s website.)

The evidence overwhelmingly indicates that this fossil was some form of bird.

About the size of a pigeon, Epidexipteryx is described by BBC News as “very bird-like,” though it lacked flight feathers. According to the evolution interpretation of the fossil record, it lived more than 150 million years ago, before the time of birds—hence, it must have been a dinosaur, right?

Among the features indicated by the fossil was a “fluffy, down-like covering and . . . two pairs of enormously long, ribbon-like shafted tail feathers” probably for ornamentation only.

Oxford University’s Graham Taylor noted, “Whereas other feathered dinosaurs date from after the appearance of the first known bird, this fossil appears to be much closer in age, so it opens a new window on the evolutionary events at the critical transition from dinosaurs to birds.”

Paleontologist Fucheng Zhang of the Chinese Academy of Sciences explained, “Although possessing many derived features seen in birds . . . [Epidexipteryx] show[s] some striking features . . . not known in any other theropod [dinosaur].”

In other words, the evidence overwhelmingly indicates that this fossil was some form of bird, not a dinosaur, and the only reason it has been labeled a dinosaur is its location in the fossil record. So much for evolutionists following the evidence wherever it leads! Epidexipteryx may have been a bird that was either designed to be flightless or was flightless because its lost it flight feathers, possibly due to a mutation (unless they weren’t fossilized for other reasons), and was toothed like other extinct birds found in the fossil record. Perhaps this specimen was even kept by pre-Flood humans as a show bird, its flight feathers plucked away to keep it from flying off. That unprovable story seems more probable than this “feathered dinosaur” claim!

Thus, we have to label this a feathered “dinosaur”!

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