Young-Earth Creationism

Does the Gospel Depend on a Young Earth?

Scripture plainly teaches that salvation is conditioned upon faith in Christ, with no requirement for what one believes about the age of the earth or universe. Even though it is not a salvation issue, the belief that earth history spans millions of years has very severe consequences.

Is Young Earth Creationist a good label?

Ken Ham has a ready response to someone who labels him: “When someone says to me, ‘Oh, so you’re one of those fundamentalist, young-Earth creationists,’ I reply, ‘Actually, I’m a revelationist, no-death-before-Adam redemptionist!’” In order to uphold the gospel, our starting point must be Scripture.

Is Young Earth Teaching Divisive?

According to Paul, the ones causing division are those who deny the doctrines clearly taught in Scripture. The divisive ones are those who mix the Bible with secular views and refuse to heed the call to return to the clear teachings in the Bible.

News About Young-Earth Creationism

Articles About Young-Earth Creationism


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