Creationism in Schools

Do We Want Creation Taught in Government Schools?

It’s encouraging to see the increasing interest from citizens in what is taught in public school classrooms. But if creation were taught in the science classrooms, would it be taught accurately and respectfully by a qualified individual?

Academic Freedom

Answers in Genesis has never suggested teachers of any persuasion be forced to teach creationism but rather has always maintained students and teachers should have academic freedom to critically examine scientific facts and the worldviews by which they are interpreted.

Biology Teachers Surprise Evolutionists

A recent study of U.S. high school biology teachers yielded some surprises and rang alarm bells for evolutionists. More than one in ten biology teachers advocate teaching creation or intelligent design in a positive light.

Bizarre Petition

A bizarre petition has been recently posted to a White House website that calls on President Obama to ban creation and intelligent design from schools. The reality is that creation or intelligent design (ID) is not taught as part of the formal curriculum in any public schools we know of.

Articles About Creationism in Schools


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