Creation Myths


Genesis the True Creation Account

The existence of other creation myths actually lends strength to our case rather than weakening it. It shows that other cultures knew the truth of creation, but their stories have been altered from the correct biblical version over the centuries.

Genesis Based on Myths?

It is not difficult to rule out the ancient mythological texts from being the source of influence for Genesis. While Genesis is reliable, they are not. While Genesis shows consistency of our God’s righteous and sovereign character, the mythological texts show their gods as little more than squabbling people.

Genesis 1-3 Just a Parable?

Many Christian scholars have suggested that Genesis 1–3 was never meant to convey historical truth. Instead, they say it is like one of Christ’s New Testament parables. God merely shared a made-up story to convey spiritual truths. Does the Bible give us any clear guidance?

Articles About Creation Myths


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