Marv Knox and His View of Creationists

on April 5, 2008

Baptist Standard: “Fundamentalists of All Stripes Want to Turn Back the Clock” The two photographs on a Baptist Standard editor’s piece on fundamentalism are of rioting Shi’ite Muslims and a smiling Ken Ham (AiG president) next to a dinosaur at the Creation Museum. We’ll let you guess how the author, Marv Knox, feels about creationists.

In a shoddy attempt at crowding out journalism with invective, Marv Knox, editor of the newsmagazine that bills itself as representing Texas Baptists, takes a look at what “fundamentalists of every faith share”: resistance to modernity. (So much for the traditional definition of a fundamentalist as referring to someone who sticks to the Word of God.)

Baylor University is not only notoriously anti-creation, but also odiously against even the vague ideas of intelligent design.

Knox is taking a cue from Roger Olson, a theologian at Baylor University, which describes itself as the world’s largest Baptist university. Baylor University is not only notoriously anti-creation, but also odiously against even the vague ideas of intelligent design (see News to Note, September 15, 2007, item #2, and Professor at Baptist university calls intelligent design “dumb”).

Lumping the late Jerry Falwell with Ayatollah Khomeini and Muqtada al-Sadr, Knox writes, “Fundamentalism finds a home in all major faith groups,” then goes through the “factors or impulses” that, he argues, “propel adherents toward fundamentalism or militant religion.” He then reviews four: dogmatic faith, identity, fear, and politics. And that, apparently, is what ties Answers in Genesis to al-Qaeda.

Of course, it might be more humorous if this sad story didn’t reflect the perspective of millions who do blindly stereotype those who believe the Bible as being just as anti-modern, militant, etc., as Osama bin Laden.

In fact, creationists are avidly pro-science and certainly are not militant or fearmongering. As for politics, Answers in Genesis has been and continues to stay out of that arena for various reasons. Yet reality is apparently of little importance for Knox and Olson.

Our question for Christians who so vehemently attack creationists for resisting modern science is this: doesn’t so-called modern science deny the biblical account of the virgin birth, resurrection. and miracles of Christ—indeed, all supernaturalism—just as completely as it does the biblical account of creation? Is it any wonder why this version of Christianity is ineffectual in reaching many people with the full and truegospel message?

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