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Update on Nightline Program on Creation Movie

on ; last featured January 22, 2010

The segment that was scheduled to have been broadcast Friday evening on ABC-TV’s Nightline program about the new film Creation—featuring AiG’s reaction to it—has been postponed again by producers. The segment, which will air excerpts of an interview with AiG President Ken Ham plus show scenes of our Creation Museum, is now slated to air this Monday at 11:35 p.m. Eastern/Pacific times and 10:35 p.m. Central time.

A crew for Nightline was here at the Creation Museum several days ago to get a creationist reaction to this movie on the life of Charles Darwin. The star of Creation is actor Paul Bettany, who is seen in another movie coming out this weekend called Legion in which he plays an angel; Bettany, an atheist, visited the Creation Museum last year for the purpose of taking photos to accompany a museum-mocking article that appears in the just-released Vanity Fair magazine. This weekend, we have posted a movie review of Bettany’s film Creation.


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