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This August, the Seventh International Conference on Creationism convened in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Since the first conference in 1986, experts have gathered for several days every few years to present peer-reviewed papers on topics ranging from astrophysics to zoology. After each presentation, speakers open the floor to questions from their peers and others interested in new ideas in creationism.

Besides giving biblically consistent explanations for the universe, several presentations showed clearly that long-held evolutionary ideas are in serious trouble.

Physicist Dr. Steve Gollmer of Cedarville University got right to the heart of the debate. He documented how the most prominent secular physicists, who insist on limiting science to the material world, nonetheless resort to faith arguments to explain the origin of the universe.

Dr. Paul Nelson of the Discovery Institute told an evening crowd that genetics research is inexorably pushing honest scientists to give up the neo-Darwinian idea of life’s common ancestor and look for other explanations of life’s origin.

Biologists Brian Thomas of the Institute for Creation Research and Mark Armitage of the Creation Research Society presented overwhelming evidence of soft tissue in fossils assumed to be millions of years old. Scientific observation has shown beyond reasonable doubt that such tissue cannot survive even one million years. But so far, secular scientists are questioning these known facts, rather than reevaluating their old-age presuppositions.

Perhaps keynote speaker Professor Andy McIntosh, a researcher and speaker from Great Britain, summed up the imperative behind creationist research best. After giving several examples of the economic and social value of such research, he reminded his audience that all our apologetic and scientific arguments should focus on one goal: to drive people to Christ.

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