Exaggerated Creation Opposition to New Smithsonian Exhibit


USA Today: “Smithsonian Human Origins Exhibit Elicits Awe, ProtestsThe creation opposition to a new Smithsonian exhibition has been greatly exaggerated.

USA Today reports on protests at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History this week on the opening of the new “Hall of Human Origins” exhibit. But, as opposed to what one might expect, the dissidents were booing skepticism over human-caused global warming.

The dissidents were booing skepticism over human-caused global warming.

“The [museum] guards told us they were expecting creationists,” said Kert Davies of Greenpeace, who noted he did not oppose the exhibit or museum itself. The protestors’ concern instead lay with the financing of the nearly $21 million exhibit. Among the funders was billionaire David Koch, whom USA Today describes as “prominent in circles opposing regulating greenhouse-gas emissions.”

Despite the apparent lack of creationist outrage, USA Today quoted Answers in Genesis president Ken Ham, who said of the new exhibit, “I haven’t really paid too much attention to it,” then quipped, “I’m amused how much the exhibit cost. We built a whole museum for that much.”

As Ham has noted elsewhere, what is ironic is that, despite all the worry, creationists have little to say about, nor bother protesting at, the dozens and dozens (if not hundreds) of evolution-centered natural museums in the U.S. and elsewhere. The Creation Museum, on the other hand, one of a very few creation-centered museums in the world (which exist without public financing, massive corporate donations, etc.), has received not only widespread condemnation from evolutionists, but also saw protests on opening day. Based on that, which group seems more committed to free speech and open discussion?

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