Old-Earth Creationism

Adding Time to the Genesis Account

When believers attempt to add evolution and millions of years to Genesis, they lay down a foundation of death and suffering on which to build their worldview. If Christians believe the lie that Genesis cannot be trusted, they are paving the way for the trustworthiness of the gospel message to be called into question.

Framework Hypothesis

The Framework Hypothesis is essentially an attempt to reclassify the genre of Genesis 1 as being something other than historical narrative. Proponents have attempted to identify figurative language or semi-poetic devices in the text.

Hugh Ross and Progressive Creationism Exposed

The age of the Earth does matter, and the Bible is clear about it! The age of the Earth is not important because God for some reason hates big numbers—He doesn’t. Ultimately the issue of the age of the Earth is about the authority of the Word of God versus the authority of the words of sinful men.

Old-Earth Creationism Topics

Articles About Old-Earth Creationism


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