Genesis—the Foundation of Christianity

by Ken Ham

When you build a house, you build from the foundation up—not the roof down. You need the right foundation for everything else to be built upon. The Bible is, in essence, similar in that the first book, Genesis, is the foundation for the rest of the Bible.

All biblical doctrines are founded directly or indirectly in Genesis. The first 11 chapters are foundational to the Christian worldview—to all doctrines, including the saving gospel (e.g., Genesis 3:15). Here is a partial list of foundational doctrines:

  • The doctrine of marriage, defined as one man for one woman, is founded in the history of Genesis. God, not a panel of judges, invented marriage.
  • The origin of clothing is in Genesis. Because of sin God gave clothes when He made the first blood sacrifice as a covering for sin. This was a foreshadowing of what was to come in Christ’s perfect sacrifice.
  • Genesis records God’s plan for gender. God made humans male and female from the beginning, as recorded in the Bible’s first book. God, not a politician or a panel of social engineers, gave the foundation for a correct approach to gender.
  • The gospel is founded in Genesis. We need a Savior because Adam (the father/head of the human race) sinned and brought literal death into creation (Genesis 3). That’s why Jesus had to come and literally die a physical death to take our place.

The historical account in Genesis is attacked vehemently because those who oppose Christianity know it’s the foundation of all doctrine. Even more important, it is the very Word of God itself! When Christians compromise Genesis with evolution and millions of years, it’s like undermining the foundation of a house. Without a foundation, the house will fall.

Instead of compromising with man’s ideas about the past, we need to stand boldly and unashamedly on God’s Word. You can learn more in my DVD series The Foundations, available at our online store. This series consists of six of my key presentations divided into 12 30-minute programs, with teacher and student guides. It has been used in thousands of churches for teens, young adults, and other audiences.

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