Stuck in Genesis

on April 1, 2007
Featured in Answers Magazine

When Dorma Finch taught the Bible to college women in the Ukraine, she had planned to teach the Bible chronologically. The young women were familiar with the creation account, but they believed it to be simply a story. Evolution was the bedrock of their beliefs.

Using creation-based material and the Bible, Dorma spent the first three days showing how evolution was a false belief system. Dorma said that once evolution was discredited in their minds, the students started to ask questions about the Bible. The ladies had so many questions about Genesis that Dorma never made it past the Bible’s first book. Before her experience with the Ukrainian women, Dorma had always thought that creation was more for discipleship than evangelism. As a Christian who once had differing views about creation, Dorma now sees how essential Genesis is for evangelism.

Answers Magazine

April – June 2007


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