An Interview with Dr. Mac Brunson—Genesis Provides Authority for Church Ministry

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Dr. Mac Brunson is the senior pastor of First Baptist Church of Jacksonville, Florida, formerly pastored by Jerry Vines. He has authored several books and is known for intertwining his extensive knowledge of history with his passion for preaching. He also serves on the board of the Institute for Creation Research.

When did you accept biblical creation?

When I was at Furman University, I had to answer the question for myself: Is the Word of God really the Word of God? If so, that carries over to Genesis. The longer I live and the more I read the Bible, the more I see how critical the first 11 chapters of Genesis really are.

What trends have you seen regarding creation in your church?

I have found this generation has a real hunger to understand Genesis. We have taught evolution for so long that now Genesis has become a curiosity.

Does emphasizing creation hinder outreach?

No, there is a hunger on the part of millennials to know creation because they have never been taught it. Do I accommodate the culture and change the Word of God? Or do I hold up the standard of God’s Word and call the culture to it?

Dr. Brunson

How is the Bible’s authority grounded in Genesis?

You have a real problem if you do not hold to the authority of the first three chapters of Genesis. If you do not have a Fall of man, why did Christ come? That is why Satan has so systematically and consistently attacked Genesis. I believe the Word of God is inerrant. It is infallible. I believe even the verb tenses are inspired.

How is creation received on foreign mission fields?

They are hungry for it. I encourage pastors—preach Genesis! Start at Genesis 1:1 and preach it because the world is hungry to hear it. It is amazing to me—when you pull out the Word of God with a generation that is not taught it, God creates a hunger for His Word in the midst of that vacuum.

How can we pass the truth regarding origins to the next generation?

They have to answer the question of authority. Is the Word of God going to be authoritative for us? Number two, they have to know what it says. So much good stuff is available. Many really intelligent folks are writing from a young-earth position. Whatever you do, never be afraid to take a biblical position.

—interview by Paul J. Scharf

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