Design in Nature

Sixth Senses in Animals

Our five senses cannot detect everything. The world is full of information beyond our reach, but many animals have “sixth senses”—super senses that enable them to experience other dimensions of our world. These bonus senses help these creatures survive and thrive in their habitats.

Amazing Design in Cells

If our genes and cells arose randomly through competition for supremacy, then how can we explain so many wonderful processes where cells are programmed to sacrifice themselves for the good of the whole, especially during development?

Divinely Designed Defenses

The defense mechanisms of just about every group in the animal kingdom could provide us with a lifetime of enjoyable study. It appears that these abilities were genetically present in the original creatures, but activated after Adam sinned, when God cursed the creation.

Horse Leg Bones

At first glance, horse legs appear to be poorly designed. Taking a closer look at the equine leg bone, however, scientists have discovered unexpected features that give it amazing strength and may inspire new engineering ideas.

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