Word of Life Bible Institute

Schroon Lake, NY

  • President

    Roger Peace, Jr.
  • Academic Dean

    Paul Weaver
  • Bible Chair

    Paul Weaver

Through biblical studies coursework, discipleship, community and hands-on ministry opportunities, WOLBI is an immersive experience that prepares students for the future, whether in a career or full-time ministry.

  • Study—Biblical Academics
  • At the Bible Institute, you’ll dive deep into the Word of God through concentrated biblical study, giving you the chance to know the Bible like never before. Our courses cover theology, Christian living, the Old Testament, and the New Testament to help you deepen your faith and prepare for a lifetime of impact. Plus, the Bible Institute is an accredited program so you can transfer your credits to a variety of colleges and universities.

  • Life—Spiritual Community
  • You get more than just academics at the Bible Institute. Here you’ll be immersed in vibrant, biblical community where lifelong friendships are formed and life change happens every day. Plus, we have a lot of fun together! From our talent nights and paintballing to our entertainment centers and snack shacks, there’s never a dull moment on campus, and you’ll leave with unforgettable college memories.

  • Ministry—Hands-On Training
  • We’re all about hands-on ministry. At the Bible Institute, you get the chance to put your knowledge into action by sharing your faith in cities around the Bible Institute, serving at the local soup kitchen, working as a camp counselor and traveling abroad to take the Gospel into the nations. Whatever your talent and passion is, there is a ministry opportunity waiting for you at the Bible Institute.


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