Homeschool Curriculum

Why Homeschool?

Homeschooling: There’s never been a better time to start. With other educational alternatives uncertain and the moral revolutionaries taking over public (and many private) educational institutions, for many, now is the time.

Find the Right Homeschool Curriculum

But where do you start? Where do you find not only quality homeschool curricula but also Christian homeschool curricula that will equip your children with a biblical worldview rooted in the foundation and authority of the Word of God? That’s where we come in.

Answers in Genesis is all about providing believers and their families what they need to stand strong in this ever-darkening culture. To that end, we offer some of the absolute best homeschool curricula to equip Christians of all ages to be the salt and light they have been called to be.

Bible Curriculum for Homeschool

This one-of-a-kind Bible curriculum walks through the entire Bible chronologically, traces the gospel throughout all of history, teaches relevant real-world apologetics, and is synchronized through multiple grade levels—just for homeschoolers.

Bible Curriculum for Homeschool

Math Curriculum for Homeschool

The Principles of Mathematics Biblical Worldview Curriculum is a first of its kind. It takes math to a whole new level: one that students and parents love! This course goes way beyond the old Christian texts that teach math with a few Scriptures sprinkled in and maybe some church-based word problems. This course truly transforms the way students see math!

Math Curriculum for Homeschool

Science Curriculum for Homeschool

There’s the God’s Design for Science curriculum, which is synchronized for grades 3–8, covering subjects like biology, astronomy, chemistry, ecology, and the physical world—perfect for your homeschool.

Science Curriculum for Homeschool

Kindergarten Curriculum for Homeschool - Science

God’s Design for Beginners teaches Bible-affirming life science to K–2nd graders. Help your children discover God’s creation as they explore amazing plants, animals, and the human body. An excellent resource for your kindergarten homeschooler.

Kindergarten Curriculum for Homeschool - Science

Apologetics Supplemental Resources for Homeschool

Focused on answering questions from children related to the Bible, these books will help create a powerful foundation of faith. The entire 8-book set comes in a sturdy, collector-quality shelf case—great for homeschoolers interested in apologetics.

Apologetics Curriculum for Homeschool

And this is just scratching the surface! There are so many quality homeschooling curricula available on individual, practical subjects. Curricula and resources on logic, mathematics, genetics, Scripture memorization, apologetics, worldview, and even evangelism are all available through the Answers in Genesis bookstore. Explicitly Christian homeschool curriculum, like One Race One Blood, allows your homeschool student to boldly engage the dynamic social issues of our time with biblical wisdom and love.

The available homeschooling curricula on archeology (ex. Patterns of Evidence), history (The 10 Minute Bible Journey), and trustworthiness of the Bible (How do We Know the Bible Is True?) will equip your children with a firm understanding of the reliability and historicity of God’s Word. The Pilgrim’s Progress homeschool curriculum is top notch for literature.

Answers in Genesis provides practical and engaging Christian homeschool curricula in multiple forms for every age group and classroom—all with a biblical worldview and with God’s Word as authoritative and foundational.

There are even resources for out of the classroom—two words: field trip! We have aquarium and zoo guides that can teach biblical answers and debunk the secular dogma that permeates most zoos and aquariums. Even better, there are educational guides for the world-class Creation Museum and Ark Encounter that bring these attractions to life in an extraordinary way!

Homeschool Curriculum – Perfect for Your Family

The list could go on, but I’m sure by now you get the point. Now could be the best time for your family to start homeschooling, and there is no need to be overwhelmed or discouraged. As you seek to give your kids the best homeschool curriculum, go to, click the store and then click homeschool and curricula on the left. We believe you will find what you are looking for. God bless you as you take on the privilege and journey of educating your kids to the glory of God!

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