Anti-Creation Courses

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More and more universities (public and private) offer classes that specifically address the creation and intelligent design movements. Many of these teach students that evolution is the best explanation for all of life and that creation science is nothing more than pseudoscience at best or an irrational behavior at worst. The following are direct excerpts from descriptions of three of these courses:

Southern Methodist University

Southern Methodist University

Fantastic Archaeology and Pseudoscience

Some people reshape the past away from the credible work of professional scientists in order to validate their beliefs in extra-terrestrials, in the occult, or in the historical and material truth of sacred texts. Students will learn to recognize a pseudoscientific claim, particularly about the human past involving archaeology.

Northern Illinois University

Northern Illinois University

Evolution and the Creationist Challenge

Evolutionary theory and tenets of present-day anti-evolutionists with emphasis on providing students with the skills to articulate the theory of evolution as it applies to the biological sciences.

Northwestern University

Northwestern University

Special Topics in Psychology: Witchcraft, Alien Abduction, and Spirit Possession—Irrational Behavior?

Students learn to evaluate the basis for beliefs in context and then figure out which ones still lacking [sic] credibility based on sound reasoning and evidence. Among the topics covered are witchcraft, alien abduction, evolution vs. creationism, repressed memories of abuse, and multiple personality disorder.

Answers Magazine

April – June 2007


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