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In the UK there is a strange paradox—while people are enormously apathetic toward the Christian faith, at the same time they enthusiastically deride it.

More and more, Bible colleges are exchanging truth for academic respectability.

Perhaps one reason for this is that many of our Christian leaders are not taking a firm stand on God’s infallible written Word, especially on the issue of origins. Increasing numbers of leaders, even in our evangelical churches, put greater trust in the fallible words of men than the straightforward words of the Creator.

I believe we have reached this sorry state of affairs largely because most of our Bible colleges have failed to take a stand on Genesis. They reduce the early chapters of Genesis to myths and fables to pander to man’s thinking concerning evolution and long ages. I know from experience that some church leaders and Bible college lecturers, as well as students, do not believe that the early chapters of Genesis are the Word of God in spite of the fact that the Bible teaches us that “all Scripture is given by inspiration of God” (2 Timothy 3:16).

Bible colleges take this stance on Genesis in their desire to offer accredited qualifications, which involves having their courses approved by the senate of the secular university from which accreditation is sought. Of course, non-Bible-believing members of these senates won’t approve an evolution-denying course. What a price to pay—exchanging truth for academic respectability!

Every year an increasing number of students influenced by this approach to the Bible’s history are churned out into our mission fields and churches; thus, there are more and more church leaders teaching error about origins, including theistic evolution, the belief that God used evolution—even this teaching undermines the entire gospel because it puts death and suffering before sin.

Recently, some students at a Bible college of a major denomination contacted AiG-UK and shared with us the course notes for a class, which were dismissive of creationists. These students then arranged to book AiG to address all the students. The students fully expected to be able to book a room in the college in which to hold the seminar, but the college hierarchy was “unable” to provide the room, and the meeting had to be cancelled.

Several pastors have told me they refuse to endorse the application of their members to certain Bible colleges in the UK, because members have turned from their faith. Churches are setting up their own Bible schools, and it has been my privilege to teach at a number of them—a wonderful opportunity to teach the truth about origins. These churches have a real desire to equip Christians for ministry.

One such Bible school is in Handsworth, Birmingham, where most of the students are from India, Pakistan, and countries in central Africa. Once fully equipped with the teaching of God’s Word, they will go home and teach their local pastors and church workers in their own country so that they, too, can reach their own nation with the truth.

On another recent occasion, an organization invited me to address a training session for a group of evangelists. It is refreshing to find an organization that recognizes the need for evangelists to be trained in the foundations of the faith found in Genesis.

I am sure the Lord will bless these Christians who want to remain faithful to His Word. Please join with us in praying for these Bible schools and the pastors and leaders who do stand firm on the impregnable rock of Holy Scripture.


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