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Answers Education Online brings some of AiG’s best resources to your computer through reading assignments, videos with integrated study guides, live chats, and forums with instructors and other students—all designed to equip you as a believer in Christ.

Courses are currently not open for registration and are expected to start opening for registration in September 2016. Thank you for your patience while we upgrade our courses!

You’ll focus on exciting topics such as:

Current students
  • the authority of Scripture
  • the creation/evolution debate
  • how science confirms the truth of Scripture
  • a biblical worldview
  • apologetics (how you defend your faith)


We offer two course options for our introductory course, Foundations in Creation Apologetics:

APO 101 – This is a traditional 12-week online course that begins and ends on specified dates. In this course, students will enjoy spending 4–6 hours working on each week’s assignment. They will interact with other students and their AiG instructor through forums and weekly chats. In addition to seven online quizzes, students will submit eight assignments and a final project to their instructor, which will make up a significant part of their grade. Each weekly assignment or quiz must be completed and submitted be the end of that week. Because of the additional instructor time required in grading assignments and participating in forums and chats, this course is more expensive, but over and over we have heard how much students enjoy the interaction with other students that this format offers.

APO 111 – This is a self-paced course that will appeal to those with busy lives, or to those who cannot fit their schedules around our course dates. In this course format, students may begin at any time, and take up to six months to complete the course. Due to the nature of this course, there will not be any interactive forums or chats with other students, but students will still be able to contact an AiG instructor for assistance. There will be only three assignments to submit, and the bulk of the assessment will be through online quizzes and a final test. We created this course option because of the many requests we have had to make the same content available for those who prefer to work at their own pace, or who simply cannot fit within the APO 101 course schedule.

Foundations in Creation Apologetics

Course Comparison

APO 101 (Instructor-based) APO 111 (Self-paced)
Time to Complete 12 weeks with requirements in week-long segments Up to 6 months at your own pace
Number of Lessons 13 13
Instructor Interaction Available in discussion forums or by email By email as needed
“Office Hours” Chats Yes No
Forums Required interaction with other students No interaction with other students
Online Quizzes 7 10
Written Assignments 8 instructor-graded activities 3 instructor-graded activities
Final Assessment Student Activity Online Test
Certificate of Completion Yes Yes
ACSI CEU Credits 2 Bible, 2 Science 2 Bible, 2 Science
AiG Material Discount 20% discount during course* One-time 20% coupon**
Cost $159 $129

Creation Museum members may receive a 20% discount for the APO 111 course. (Available only by phone order.)

Certificates of completion will be awarded to those who finish courses with a final score of 75% or higher.

This is a great opportunity to learn and grow, all while interacting with material from some of the world’s best-known creation speakers and scientists.

How you’ll benefit from AEO:

Now earn college credit with Answers Education Online!

Students can now take APO 101 and earn 3 college credits from God’s Bible School & College, a regionally accredited Bible college located in Cincinnati, Ohio. To earn college credit in Creation Apologetics, simply contact God’s Bible School & College Distance Education Department and enroll in PH 235 Creation Apologetics. This course involves taking our Fall or Spring Foundations in Creation Apologetics Course (APO 101), as well as doing some additional outside reading and coursework.

If you desire to take Creation Apologetics for credit do not enroll in the course through AiG. Rather, you will enroll through God’s Bible School and pay tuition directly to them.

To get more information on this program as well as tuition costs, contact the GBS Distance Education Department at (513) 721-7944 ext. 1331.

Homeschoolers: This program will provide biblical and scientific support for a recent six-day creation and a global Flood. Students will be introduced to critical thinking and logic, chronological biblical history, geology, astronomy and biology. After completing this program, students will be better able to defend what they believe and be prepared to enter secular high-school and/or college classes. It is appropriate for mature junior high and high school students.

Sunday school teachers: Highly recommended for all church lay workers, Foundations in Creation Apologetics will enable Sunday school teachers to become confident communicators about biblical and scientific evidences for creation.

Parents: This program will give parents knowledge to teach their children the truth about creation with confidence, and prepare them to be better witnesses in school, the workplace, and society.

Creation speakers/authors: Completion of our online courses will equip those who desire to speak and/or write on creation issues to have a solid foundation in the biblical and scientific support for a recent six-day creation.

Public and Christian schoolteachers: This program will prepare teachers to give biblical and scientific answers to their students on creation and evolution. Teachers will also be able to earn ACSI-accredited Continuing Education Units (CEUs) by taking our online courses.


APO 101 (12-week course): $159*

APO 111 (Self-paced course): $129**

Six-week 200 level courses: $89*

Receive 20% off each additional enrollment fee when you sign up other family members in your household!

* Students receive a discount code for 20% off all purchases in the Answers Bookstore—for the entire duration of the course.

** Students in APO 111 receive a discount code for a one-time discount of 20% off in the Answers Bookstore.

Students will receive a certificate from Answers in Genesis upon successful completion of each course.

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  • Access to a computer with an internet connection (high-speed connection recommended; DVDs may be purchased instead)
  • Free software: Adobe Reader and Flash Player
  • A desire to learn!


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