#1 Problem: Young-Earth Creationists?

Imagine my shock! The president of a Christian college (where I was speaking) was an eyewitness of the story he shared with me at lunch a few weeks ago.

He told me that at a recent meeting of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU), a leader of the group complained to the college presidents in attendance that the number one problem facing Christian colleges today is (not sexual promiscuity, not situational ethics, not the loss of biblical authority) . . . the “attack of young-earth creationists”!

My hosting college president said that some others at the CCCU meeting were, like him, favorable to young-earth creation. But he was concerned by the number of other college presidents who shared the perspective of the CCCU leader.

If these schools really had the truth on their side, they wouldn’t fear such “fundamentalist creationist attacks.”

Since AiG and other creation ministries seldom get invited to speak at compromised Bible colleges and seminaries, the “pressure” on these educational institutions must be coming from students or parents who have been well equipped by creationist seminars and resources. Of course, if these schools really had the truth on their side, they wouldn’t fear such “fundamentalist creationist attacks.”

The students at the college where I was speaking seemed quite receptive to my messages. But at my lecture to the faculty, very few of the professors who believe in millions of years were in attendance. There seemed to be an unwillingness even to consider arguments from the Bible and science.

So although the president was very supportive of me being on campus, some of his professors are teaching things that undermine faith in Genesis. It is no wonder that some students get confused!

A few weeks later, I spoke in a church in another state. “Eric,” who had just graduated from another “conservative” Christian college, took me to lunch. During my morning talks, he had not really grasped the point I made about no death before the Fall. So I explained further why the biblical teaching on death ruled out any attempts to fit millions of years into the Bible.

Eric told me that at his college his professors largely ignore the creation-evolution issue. In his only class where it was dealt with, the professor “taught all the views within orthodoxy” (meaning the gap theory, theistic evolution, {5 get_urls "15805" alt="day-age view" %}, young-earth view, etc.) and seemed to favor the compromise view of day-age. It left Eric perplexed and unsure of what to believe about Genesis.

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These and other recent experiences highlight again the crisis of biblical authority facing the church. Thousands of Christian professors have bowed the knee to evolutionary “science” and they end up undermining the authority of Scripture in the minds of the next generation (including its pastors).

We all need to tremble at God’s Word (Isaiah 66:2). Get some of the excellent resources available in our bookstore so that together we can increase the “pressure” on Christian colleges to believe, teach and defend God’s Word without apology or compromise.

Editor’s note: To inquire about your church or Bible school/college hosting Dr. Mortenson with his excellent, well-illustrated PowerPoint talks, go to our events page or call (859) 727-2222, ext. 438.


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